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Zelus Laptop Case
Designed to optimize productivity on the go. Expand the workspace around you wherever, whenever you need it.
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Laptop Workstation
Client Sketch
​Working from simple concept sketches IG Design will transform your idea into reality. From CAD renderings to physical prototypes.

Designed to make convenience food more convenient.
Sustainable Packaging
Convenience Food Packaging 
A perfect fit for sports arenas, amusement parks or fast food chains. Transport your favorite foods from the concession stand to your seat or go for a casual stroll in the park. This 100% compostable package is the most responsible way to eat on the go.
Client Sketch
Sustainable Packaging
Sony Personal Audio Display
Designed to demonstrate the superior audio quality of the Sony product offering at Best Buy stores.
Sony Project

The StemTrainer may be fixed to the stem or branch of a plant with rubber bands.  Once in place, the splint may be arched systematically, without the fear of over bending, to manipulate the stem or branch by arching it away from the underlying growth. This allows for full penetration of the light’s rays, maximizing photosynthesis to add text.
The Stem Trainer
The Most Powerful Plant Stem Training Product On The Market. 
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